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Introduction of Tubes * 2012.09.01
A tube has been evolved from the paints lead tubes. 
After continuously researching and developing, there are several types of materials and different manufacturing method of tube can be chosen for packaging of product content today. 

Extrusion Tube:
A tube of which head is connected to a pipe-shaped body molded with the extrusion method.
The molding method of the head depends on manufacturers.
1.      Press molding method
2.      Injection molding method
3.      Compression molding method
Blow Tube:
A tube of which body and head are made of the same material with blow molding.
Laminate Tube:
A tube to which plastic, paper, aluminum foil etc. are laminated.
Aluminum Tube: 
A molded tube of aluminum slag with impact extrusion method.
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